Dating Tips

1. Come on, bisexual

Everyone has their own independent of sexual orientation, whether heterosexual, gay, bisexual, just different from sexual orientation, are the same in other ways. Because of sexual orientation is different, each process of self-discovery also each are not identical.

For bisexual group, before fully understand their sexual orientation, most of them go through a long period, they also can't accept bisexual, they need time, because they to bisexual also don't know. Had a sexual relationship with gay is not necessarily a bisexual people, sex does not change a person's sexual orientation. Usually, people by looking at the sex of the sexual partner to judge his human orientation. Many people put the bisexual as homosexual or heterosexual areas. Bisexual was neither gay nor a heterosexual, although bisexual is a huge population, but it is more likely to experience discrimination. Even some people doubt whether bisexual does exist, they think that they will not meet bisexuals, in fact, every place there are bisexual people, they just hid the true identity, we don't know.

Due to straight and gay, bisexual people has a close relationship, so the bisexual relationships sometimes enviable, it is bisexual born an advantage. , of course, there is also a part of bisexual people will be affected by other people's discrimination, couldn't even find friends, they through some bisexual dating sites to find other bisexual friends. Others' criticism may allow the bisexual feel pain or uncomfortable, but, when bisexual accept themselves, will also get others' approval.

Now, more and more bisexual young people choose out of the closet, compared to the others, young people are more likely to accept their bisexual identity, they prefer to meet bisexual friends, they are also more hope to get the recognition and respect of others. Believe that with the development of the society and the progress of thought, bisexual orientation will not be discriminated against reason, come on, bisexual.

2. Give bisexual more help

Bisexual, refers to the social members of both sexes are sexual excitement, people who have this sexual orientation are called bisexual people. Simple said, it is for men, women will have a feeling, and this is the greatest feature of the bisexual people. But it has also attracted many people's misunderstanding and discrimination, maybe there is envy, after all, it makes people feel very unfair, a person can only like men, or women, why can both gender bisexual love?

Actually, until now, still have a lot of people psychological discrimination of bisexual holding, most of them didn't know bisexual, even never heard of this group. I think, no matter gay, straight, bisexual, or "asexual", these four sexual orientation is full equality, there is no biology, the divisions between the superior or inferior of ethics, they are only different sexual orientation. Gay or straight, did not evolve into bisexual, history and gay and bisexual, heterosexual as long. Then, since the human was born gay, straight, bi has been coexist. Bisexual, it's normal for simple sexual orientation, whether you are a straight, or gay, not because of others because, unlike you, despise, insult, denigrate bisexual way of life.

Now, there are a lot of ways can meet bisexual friends, there are a lot of bisexual are able to find their partners. They may on some bisexual dating sites, or some bisexual bar, find other bisexual friend. Even there are a lot of bisexual together, namely we know bisexual couples. In fact, whether bisexual single, or bisexual couples, they all want to be able to normal life, the same as heterosexual or homosexual life, no longer be discrimination, no prejudice. So, when we meet bisexuals, should not discriminate against them, when bisexual dating, we should give more help.

3. I'm bisexual

I’m bisexual, this is not embarrassed. For sexual orientation, I am a pluralist, and universal dual society of misfits argument. I think that in this world, are in various states of any physical presence, including sexual orientation is heterosexual and same sex can coexist, and the product is bisexual, bisexual appear, just to confirm my View.

Heterosexual and homosexual, a pair of the most typical binary opposition, people love to argue for the opposition, also always think this kind of logic is the bridge of human progress. But that the so-called traditional consensus on social causes, those in the dualism of the middle position of fuzzy, such as bisexual people. Because under the claims of a black and white, is no middle position. Over time, these intermediate who thought began to polarization, either heterosexual or homosexual. But the differentiation is entirely the wrong direction, or because of social guidance error.

In the so-called civilized society, bisexuals is more a homosexual or heterosexual labels there, not the third TAB to choose from, “labeling theory”, once a person is a label, so he never don’t want to get rid of it. Labeling theory is a factor bisexual polarization, compared to the social external factors, it is more a own intrinsic factor. It was also because of this, for bisexual, troubling them is not only the lack of social status, and its future. They don’t know how to meet bisexual friends, also don’t know how to communicate with other bisexual.

A bisexual friend and I chat, watch out, he is typical of the kind of person, this feeling is more or less by social ethics, sexual orientation is blurry, slowly become overwhelmed in the feelings of both men and women. They don’t know how to have bisexual dating, can only say that this is belongs to bisexual sorrow.

4. Bisexual group

In our life, most people think of heterosexuality is normal, they always think is strange lesbian or bisexual. In fact, now is still the mainstream of heterosexual society, whether it is a gay community, or bisexual group, is just a small part of most people is still straight, so everyone would think straight is correct, and the other sexual orientation is problematic.

Homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual, are the three main sexual orientation, and bisexual is also belong to a kind of homosexual and heterosexual sexual orientation, they are separated from each other. But in our life, and bisexual people are still part of heterosexual and homosexual discrimination. Bisexual people like men, and like women, a lot of people will think they are lack of specificity for emotion, actually this is just the bisexual one-sided view, to understand they are not real. Real bisexual, must not with two kinds of gender, they can get from any one gender. But these misunderstood for a long time didn’t get the right views, instead see bisexual as a bad sexual orientation.

In fact, with the progress of human civilization, in recent years, more and more bisexual friends out of the closet. And most bisexual people after coming out, to be able to get the approval and support of people around, in the lonely life in the corner. Anyway, the progress of social culture and played a large role, some bisexual around organization, some bisexual dating sites to help more and more bisexual people out of the woods. If you are a bisexual, remember, bisexual no problem, we are all normal.

5. Bisexual girls, come on

Every girl in the mind more or less the plot of bisexual, girls and boys, girls between have a natural affinity and self-confidence. I love my girlfriend, and for those who have the characteristics of the girls, I love more add a kind of urgent desire, the desire to understand her, get to know her.

People is complex, is lovely. The so-called bisexual, is of two kinds of gender temperament. Girl love girl, is often out of appreciation, the girl love the boy, is often due to rely on. Woman fall in love with a man, usually with a request for the purpose of, ask for his love and power, but a man of a woman, too, have to pay. But it were not for the purpose, girl on girl, just feeling, just talk, chat, communication, is enough.

When I read middle school, my side has a lot of dress up very handsome classmate, they are girls, I always feel they are very attractive to me. And social consensus view is different, I think they are very good, very handsome, and I like very much, perhaps they are very clever, it is easy to contact. So, I slowly found, originally I was a bisexual girl. Then to bi don’t know, the Internet access to information, slowly know the bisexual what it means. To begin with, in fact, I also can’t accept, then through bisexual dating sites chat room, a friend who is also bisexual to enlighten me, I didn’t accept the fact that I am bisexual.

Today, still have a lot of bisexual girl like I was, did not dare to admit bisexual, can only hide in the corner of the society. That, of course, a big reason is caused by social pressure, society has not been widely accepted bisexual, but which also have bisexual own reason, only recognized themselves as bisexual, we could obtain others’ identity, we can go to love other girls. Bisexual girls, come on.

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